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Dragon Fantasy Preview
Most of our readers know that we hate role playing games (RPGs). Reading text boxes, watching cut scenes, and leveling the characters just doesn't appeal to us. Nevertheless, we do try to keep an open mind. So, when the now merged RPG mega-giants Square and Enix (now known as Squeenix) offered Gamesuck an exclusive preview of their first crossover game, Dragon Fantasy, we agreed to give it a try.

Dragon Fantasy takes place in a magical, fantasy world unlike any you have ever seen before. You begin the game as Stratus, an adventurous, amnesic teenager. Stratus and his friends Karen, a spunky tomboy, and Neiku, a winged rabbit, set off on a journey to solve the mysterious happenings around their village.

Could these mysterious happenings have anything to do with the Magic Empire's crusade to obtain the planet's Soul Crystals? Why has the once peaceful king of Gortha changed his ways to evil? Does the shady, white-haired stranger have some connection to Stratus' past? All these questions and more will be answered when Squeenix releases Dragon Fantasy later this year.

Microsoft Loves Phantasy Star
According to PSO World, the user agreement rules for the XBox version of Phantasy Star Online (PSO) have been updated. All XBox PSO screenshots and images need to have "© SONICTEAM" shown along with them. You may not alter these screenshots in any way. This includes painting on it in image editing software. You may, however, resize screenshots as long as they remain in a rectangular format!

Sega, please don't sue us!

Microsoft has also stated in a press release that XBox PSO will require a XBox-Live subscription even if you don't play the game online. This guarantees that all players, even those without internet access, will be able to enjoy the benefits of the XBox's internet subscription service.

At this time we'd like to post a quote from an XBox story we posted last year:

"We tried to discover what exactly "the plan" is. When we asked Ohura if the XBox is just Microsoft's way of getting a cheap computer/set-top-box into the homes of consumers in order to get more MSN and .Net Passport subscribers, which would put them one step closer to owning the internet, Ohura admitted, "XBox does many things." We can only imagine what that means."

Happy Anniversary Gamesuck

Today is the one-year anniversary of our very first online story, Unused Sega Ads. Let's all commemorate this special occasion by going to our archives and reading the classic material. What else do you have to do? Play video games!?

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