Video Games Maim Kids

The world has known for years that video games screw-up kids mentally, but according to recent studies game enthusiasts also risk physical injury each time they play.

This week's British Medical Journal describes a case of a 15-year-old British boy who has developed hand-arm vibration syndrome, or HAVS, from the vibrations of his control pad. While the boy did play for up to seven hours a day (exceeding the manufacture's recommendations and proving he does have a few mental problems), the researchers claim that controller vibrations are strong enough to cause damage in considerably less time.

The report goes on to list even more shocking cases of videogame-induced trauma, including a German child strangled to death by the deadly cord of his game control. "I think that as kids play these games more and more, we are going to see more injuries people thought video games could never cause," says Dr. Miriam Smith, a pediatrician at Children's Hospital in London. "For example, I recently treated a child who lost an eye to the sliding disk tray of his PlayStation 2."

Gamesuck spoke with the mother of a child who nearly lost his life to games. "I won't let him save his games anymore," she said looking over at the boy as he played Mario 64. His control pad cord was wrapped dangerously around his neck. "Those memory cards are choking hazards. Why isn't there a warning on the box," she asks.

Indeed! Why are there no warning labels on the box of these deadly products? It seems as if the stubborn video game industry just doesn't care. Rat poison is clearly labeled as dangerous, and we've never heard of anyone eating any. Why should games be any different? Therefore we at Gamesuck are making it our mission to get games labeled appropriately. Below is our proposed design for game packaging, which we are submitting to game manufactures. We can only hope they will listen to reason before anyone else gets hurt.

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