Lord of the Rings Preview

When the Lord of the Rings movie opened in theaters last year, it rekindled geeks' interest in wizards, hobbits, and Middle-earth, so now everyone's trying to cash-in. We've seen all kinds of corporate-sellout merchandise, from light-up Burger King mugs to Hostess Lembas, and we knew the video games weren't far off.

Today we received a demo of Universal's Xbox game, which is based on the books and not the movie. We expected it to be pretty cool, since they could use things the movie had to cut. Here's what we've seen so far:

Middle-earth looks great.
Especially the volcanic
land of Mordor.

The cinemas are really cool.
Saruman wields the staff of
Orthanc like a lightsaber.

Relive the exciting climax
of Fellowship of the Ring.
"You shall not pass!"

Here we see Aragorn fighting
Gollum, just like in the books.
Aragorn beat him before...
Can he do it again?

Save your friends from
Treebeard's clutches
before it's too late!

The books contain a veritable
treasure trove of video game
clichés. Can you say, mines
of Moria mine cart level!?

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