Game Boy Advance SP Launches

Thousands of shrieking little girls stood in lines for hours today, but they weren't waiting for Nsync tickets. Nintendo has released the Game Boy Advance SP (GBA SP) in America, and it's clearly a hit with the young girls.

Of course this really shouldn't come as a surprise. Nintendo took special care in designing the new Game Boy for this untapped section of the market. "This system fits perfectly in little girly hands," explained Jim Harrison, Nintendo of America's Director of Marketing, "so we dubbed it the SP which stands for Small Princess." Harrison continued, "We also reduced the number of buttons on the SP to make sure girl gamers won't get confused."

Gamesuck had a chance to speak to some of the giggling girls at a local mall. Here are a few comments they gave us:

GS: What's so cool about the GBA SP?
"I like it, because it's tiny and folds up like a compact. It also matches my Enchanted Electronic Diary."
- Jamie Jones

GS: Why are you buying the new Game Boy?
"I saw James Van Der Beek playing one on Dawson's Creek last week, and he's so dreamy."
- Stacy Smith

GS: What are you doing here, Billy?
"I came to tell these girls something. Listen up! If you buy the silver GBA SP be careful when you stick it in your purse. There's something wrong with the paint, and mine got all scratched up that way!"
- Billy Burgerhammer

The GBA SP is currently available in two colors: Beautiful Blue and Sweet Silver. Itís backward compatible with all Game Boy games, and will support all future titles like Pokemon, Hamtaro, and Powerpuff Girls. Sadly, Nintendo has, once again, failed to include a backlight in the system. The GBA SP retails for $99.99.

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