E3 SHOCKER: Nintendo No-Show

This year's E3 really got off to a strange start. Nintendo, usually one of the biggest exhibitors at the expo, did not show-up at all!

Most of the E3 press attendees were disappointed by this turn of events. They did not have an opportunity to view Nintendo's behind-closed-doors sessions that, at the time, seem to redefine the entire interactive entertainment industry, but in retrospect, consist of presentations that depend almost entirely on the fumes from Nintendo's classic games. At these sessions that did not occur, Nintendo did not distribute colorful press packages filled with incessant reminders of those great games: games that were substitute childhood friends for most of those in attendance. "I mean, those press packages were like a love letter from my electronic girlfriend," explained Gamesuck writer Billy Burgerhammer. "I took my copy of Super Mario 3 to my senior prom!"

Speaking of games, Nintendo did not showcase high resolution versions of games they've already released. Many expo attendees were looking forward to playing the "new" F-Zero, Pikmin, and Mario Kart titles, but they were forced to settle for non-Nintendo offerings like the "new" Final Fantasy and Soul Calibur games. Everyone seemed to agree that these games just weren't up to par with the brilliant work of Nintendo producer Shigeru Miyamoto. "Why aren't there any games here that Miyamoto made?" asked one attendee. "I like how he puts penguins on the ice stage. That's just pure genius."

Nintendo also did not reveal online plans that carefully explained that "Gamecube Network Connectivity" actually means "connecting the Gamecube to other Nintendo products that are in the same room." Currently, the company only has one game that uses their network adaptor, Sega's Phantasy Star Online. Many industry insiders speculated that Nintendo would definitely unveil some new online titles this year, but we knew otherwise. Gamesuck spoke with former Nintendo CEO Hiroshi Yamauchi, who told us, "Nintendo is the only company that understands the internet is just a fad. I think we're the only one who gets it."

It's unclear why Nintendo decided not to attend E3 this year. The show just wasn't the same without their stubborn "phone it in" attitude. The Expo management handled the last-minute no-show by increasing Acclaim's booth size by 850%. Gamesuck will keep you informed if we learn anything new.

Acclaim put their expanded floor space to good use.

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