Cruddy Buddie Preview

It's time for Cruddy Buddies! Nintendo recently announced those fun-loving fur-balls will be appearing on their GameCube system, and that the happy activities would all start this summer.

As most people know, "Cruddy Buddies" is a television show featuring friendly critters that entertain and educate children every saturday morning. Kids love the colorful characters and games; parents love how their children learn about counting, shapes, and alcoholism (yes this show deals with the tough issues too). In fact the Cruddy Buddies are so educational it makes you wonder how kids learned anything before TV was invented.

Okay, so maybe the Cruddy Buddies are kinda childish, but we have to admit the game is pretty cool. It's basically just a bunch of minigames and puzzles, similar to Mario Party, but you get to control those lovable fur-balls from the TV show. Yes, we know the Cruddy Buddies are designed for two-year-olds, but the game is great fun for the entire family and is sure to sell well.

The finished game will include over fifty games and activities, but Nintendo will only let us show you a few of them. Below are some of our favorite features.

Pud, Mo Mo, Schlitz, and Cutesy.
Everyone loves the Cruddy Buddies!

In Mo Mo's Maze you get to guide
Mo Mo through a fun maze...

...where Schlitz has left some
interesting obstacles.

Cruddy Buddies deal with tough
issues like alcoholism.

Oh No! Schlitz has had way too
much beer, and now he is violently
ill. Cutesy is on the phone with the
emergency room. They want to know how
many times Schlitz has thrown-up, but
Cutesy is a girl, so she can't count
very good. Help her out by counting the
number of times Schlitz vomits, so she can
tell the hospital.

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