Billy's Arcade

Hi, folks. This is Billy Burgerhammer, the same guy from the interview recently posted on this site. Well, I work for Gamesuck now! They gave me a spiffy job as PR Director, because of my vast knowledge of games, anime, and whatnot.

I figured it'd be a sweet job, and I was right. Everyone here is great. There's a smiling face and joyful laugh wherever I go. In fact, when I asked for permission to publish a comic I've been working on, they said yes. Apparently, I am "an inexhaustible source of entertainment!"

So, here it is. I call it Billy's Arcade. It's all about my many hilarious adventures with my imaginary cat, Screwy. I hope you like it. Hee Haw!

Billy says: I can't believe I forgot to make a comic about my eight Game Boy Advances. Well, there's always next time. Hee Haw!

Screwy says: You will die alone on the toilet, Billy.

Gamesuck says: Billy Burgerhammer is an avatar not to be confused with Planet GameCube's founder Billy Berghammer, who is not a spaz.

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