Billy Burgerhammer Interview

It's a little-known fact that once had a sister site: At one time, it was the most entertaining and informational Nintendo site on the internet. Unfortunately, their staff reached puberty and lost interest in video games. The site was, reluctantly, shut-down by it's founder and only adult, Billy Burgerhammer. We recently had the chance to talk to Billy about gaming and his future projects.

Gamesuck: Thanks for taking the time to talk with us.

Billy: It's cool. I don't have anything to do today anyway. My GameCubes are getting painted and won't be back till tomorrow.

Gamesuck: Cool, so what have you been up to since you left

Billy: Well, I've actually been trying to convince the old staff to come back. I want to start the site up again, but they just keep laughing at me.

Gamesuck: Why?

Billy: They say they're too old to play video games, but they're only like fourteen! Look at me. I'm a big, fat, thirty-year-old, but that doesn't stop me from being a hardcore gamer. Hee Haw!

Gamesuck: It's been nearly a year since Nintendo launched the GameCube in America. Do you think they've done a good job so far?

Billy: Are you kidding? Everyone knows that Nintendo kills all other systems! They make the best games, and they're the cheapest system too. When GameCube hit $150 I bought two more systems to go with the three I bought at launch. At that price you'd have to be stupid not to buy as many as you can to help support Nintendo.

Gamesuck: What are your feelings about long-time Nintendo developer Rare being purchased by Microsoft?

Billy: That makes me so angry! When I heard about it I removed all the Rare titles from my list of favorite games. I even traded-in all my old Rare games at GameStop for the only GameCube game I didn't currently own, which was Rare's Star Fox Adventures. It sucks too! I thought they said it'd take sixty hours to beat, but I bet average gamers, like me, can beat it in twenty.

Gamesuck: Didn't you just say you're a hardcore gamer?

Billy: Hee Haw!

Gamesuck: What do you think about Nintendo's upcoming games?

Billy: Oh man! I can't wait to play the new Metroid game. I got excited when they announced it, and I went back and played through all the old Metroid games to celebrate. I don't even want to think about Zelda next year. I'll definitely have to go through my typical pre-Zelda festivities like beating all the old Zelda games and stocking the fridge with Mountain Dew: Code Red. Hell, I might even import it. I'll be sure to order from multiple places to guarantee I get it before anyone else. Hee Haw!

Gamesuck: You can read Japanese?

Billy: No. I'll just buy the domestic version two months later to see what everyone was saying.

Gamesuck: So, what will you be playing until then?

Billy: Probably Animal Crossing. I think it's so cool how Nintendo can make a game that will entertain both little girls and people like me. Finally, I have friends, animal friends, who don't make fun of my weight, and aren't jealous of my thousands of Nintendo games. Hee Haw!

Gamesuck: Is there anything else you'd like to say to our readers?

Billy: Remember, everyone, that it's cool to be a hardcore gamer. You might become socially awkward and get fat from sitting alone in the dark playing games, but thanks to the internet and it's message boards you can be cool just like me. will live again! Hee Haw!

Gamesuck: Billy, is it true? Do you eat your own shit?

Billy: Yes I do! HEE HAW!

Billy Burgerhammer
Gamesuck says: Billy Burgerhammer is an avatar not to be confused with Planet GameCube's founder Billy Berghammer, who is not a spaz.

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